Friday, September 25, 2009 without end, or beginning....

The writer and academic, Frank Kermode will soon be entering his ninetieth year. Kermode has long been recognised as one of this country's most distinguished Shakespearean scholars - his body of work on the bard himself runs to several volumes; all of which employ his characteristically readable, yet authoritative style. Kermode uses the same clarity of thought and breadth of vision throughout all of his writing - whether discussing the poetry of Donne or Spenser or life and literature itself - as in his classic 1967 book,'The sense of an ending.' Frank Kermode is rare indeed in the world of contemporary letters; unique in his ability to transmute difficult concepts and ideas into something more navigable - it is this that separates him from most academicians of his generation; that, and his desire to fully embrace new ideas, new philosophies, and to embrace them as part of his celebrated new criticism.

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