Friday, April 30, 2010

..not, not waving, but not, not drowning etc..

Carrying on the lip-synching tradition of Darwin 'among the best 30 minutes slots in the history of King Tut's' Deez, one of the mighty Wave Pictures' best songs and videos - available now, very probably everywhere, for not very little. 'The sun came in like a pack of orange spaniels.' Class.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Slicker than most...

Gang Starr are often cited as being part of the 'Golden Age' of Hip Hop; the music produced between the late 1980's and early 1990's. It was an incredibly fertile and innovative time - every new release seemed to be reinventing the genre; almost on a daily basis. Gang Starr were very much part of this - their second album release in particular; the heavily Jazz influenced 'Step in the arena,' remains one of the periods, and genres, defining records. Gang Starr's legacy is particularly potent, especially lyrically, as it paved the way for talents such as Wu-Tang Clan, Nas and Outkast to communicate their own musical philosophies.

Keith Elam (Guru) 1966-2010

'Take a rest'

'Kissed the world'


Monday, April 12, 2010

Take it from somebody who knows...

John Miller has been writing and performing music for over 100 years. Few contemporary Country musicians - most certainly in the UK - can hold a candle to him and his band - they're the real deal. If you, or someone you know and care for a whole, whole lot, are a fan of genuinely uplifting, at times, heartbreaking, but always sincere, well crafted Hony Tonk Country music, then John and his Country Casuals will inspire and delight.

'The Folk'n'Western Recording Co'

Don't worry be happier...

It's always gratifying to see a, relatively, new artist praised and pilloried in equal measure. Darwin Deez has been writing and performing for some time now. His music is an interesting mix of New York rock and disco - a marriage not made in heaven but not necessarily forged in hell. Ahem. It's good times music for those of us to whom the concept is worryingly alien. Deez is not pretending to be something that he isn't - his music is stridently unfamiliar yet occupies the same noisenik space as early Strokes, earlier Devo even. Darwin Deez is performing as part of the nascent NME Radar 2010 tour - tickets for shows are available now - check Deez out; if anything to show your support for new music and new music that sounds a little bit like Beck.

Like, so good...

Julia Davis has been upsetting people for many years now. She is a monster, an aberration - someone who shouldn't be allowed near a computer, a camera, hell, a pen even. She has masqueraded as a comedy performer since the late 1990's; working with many of the so-called comedy luminaries currently plying their nefarious trade. As if working with Chris Morris wasn't bad enough, she has recently written and, 'performed,' with Jessica Hynes, a pilot for the BBC. Lizzie and Sarah is one of the crudest 'sit-coms' ever to have been considered for commission. It is cruel, gratuitous and bears all the sadistic hallmarks typical of Davis. Twat Bubble is outraged at how outrageous this shit gutter comedy is. In election year, I, and we, urge all right thinking Cosmonauts of comedy to contact their local MP - Davis, and others of her barbaric ilk, MUST BE STOPPED...!!!

Lizzie and Sarah Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Monday, April 5, 2010

long day's journey into...,

Twat Bubble has featured before the writer and neuroscientist, David Eagleman. In this interview with Sean O'Hagan for The Guardian, Eagleman revisits again his 'possibilian' agenda - for those of you unfamiliar with his book, 'Sum: forty tales form the afterlife,' Eagleman posits the possibility of a myriad number of post death scenarios - none of which he asserts as being more possible (or impossible) than the remainder. We look forward to his forthcoming novel - which promises to include life, the universe and maybe slightly more than everything...

Frank Huyler is an emergency physician living in New Mexico. He first came to prominence with the publication, in 2004, of 'The blood of strangers,' a wonderful collection of 28 short stories - all of them involving the day to night, life and death work of an A and E doctor. Subsequent novels have attempted to grapple with larger themes; whilst still retaining and maintaining a consistent thread of consideration and humanity - all 3 however unwaveringly focus on the singular disparities between life and death and the immediacy with which the former can so quickly, so unrelentingly, become the latter.