Monday, September 14, 2009

Don't be a stranger, now..

Taichi Yamada is one of Japan's foremost writers - of fiction, scripts for television and films, and for the stage. His work has only recently gained recognition in the UK with the 2006 publication of his novel, 'Strangers.' Subsequent novels have followed: in 2007, 'In search of a distant voice,' and, one year later, 'I haven't dreamed of flying for a while.' Yamada's works concern themselves with guilt and loss; and the accompanying longing that acts as a stylised entreaty throughout all of his translated works. Japanese society, as also depicted in the work of other writers - Murakami, Nakagami, Suzuki even Mishima, is implicitly criticised, through the respective narratives and characterisations employed, for its suppressive and subjugative effects on individual will/society as a whole. The books are wonderful examples of 'kaidan;' essentially, old fashioned Japanese ghost stories - and the greater for that.

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