Thursday, August 19, 2010

Young at heart...

Although it is the epitome of poorer journalism to rota a band's influences, in the case of Dominant Legs we'll be happy to...

A frankly timeless amalgam of 70's/80's guitar romp and beautified 90's tweeness, 'The Legs,' seem destined for outright stardom. Their record label, Lefse, has some of the most interesting bands around at the moment - check out the label site/alley by the railway station for some self-validation...Etc.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good Books...

Their first album in five years sees a return to sonic form for the mighty Books. The Books are unusual in the sense that they have successfully eshewed all critical attempts at pigeon-holing them. They're not part of a scene, they don't court small or large controversy and they don't sound quite like anyone or anything else - with the possible exception of Laurie Anderson...doesn't matter, if you're a fan of the uncommonplace then The Books might be for you. Or, your brother.

The Books

Golden Wonder!

Appearing at the unjustifiably small 'Stand,' venue at this year's Edinburgh festival - Ladies and gentlemen, the unfashionably, the unfeasibly great Stewart Lee. It says much for the ego of the man that he spends his pre-gig time handing out fliers advertsising his own (and others) comedy wares. This year's show - and we would never spoil it for those yet to attend - is split disproportionately into two parts. Each proportion, however, is suspiciously beautifully formed, one, about six feet, the other, an equally startling five feet four. Which is about the size of it. And the median size of the comedy God that is Stewart Lee. If you miss out on his appearances this year you could do far worse than buy his latest book - available from the website.

'About the size of it'

Thursday, August 12, 2010

More than one good use for your heart..

One of this planet's loveliest top pop stars the mighty Milky Wimpshake return with some brand new tunes about old and new and slightly broken love. If songs about zoom and buzz are for you then so are the 'Shake.

Buy their bloody marvellous records.

Norman Records

We need that record!

I can also think of many more things to be concerned about than the closure of yet another crummy Independent record store...Hey, now hold on a minute.

The DVD about the film about the TV Shirt about the way of life....Of course the world needs more record shops and this film attempts to give some of the reasons why.

Brendan Toller

'I need that record'