Monday, August 27, 2012

Under the radar...what radar?

It's been 41 years since Bill Fay recaptured our hearts with his second album 'Time of the Last Persecution.' Bill has often suffered at the biting hands of critics: lazy journalism often saw him dismissed as a Nick Drake clone here or a Graham Nash clone there...

These barbs were unfounded and grossly unfair, contributing to his star shining dimly, if at all, throughout the already drifting towards excess 1970's.

2012 sees a new record by Bill Fay, 'Life is People' - on Dead Oceans records.

The voice has changed over the years, becoming more sonorous yet, softer, imbuing the meticulously crafted songs and their choreographed arrangements with a timeless, haunting quality.

And, after 40 years of waiting and waiting, that's more than enough.