Monday, May 23, 2011

Harder, better, faster, stronger...

Charlie Brooker's article in today's Guardian makes worryingly interesting reading for those interested in movies. In it he argues, correctly to this writer, that Hollywood's current climate of artistic complacency is broadly mitigated by the more wholesome diet (no pun intended) on offer from the television/games industry - witness, in the latter case, LA Noire: intrinsically, as if James Ellroy had penned a Mad Men episode then directed by Sam Fuller.

What is most striking about these recent offerings is their non-patronising attempts to engage and involve those who view/participate (in) them - they are not a replacement for A.N.Other reality but entertaining, challenging, commercially successful vehicles for artists of all persuasions who love what they do and who are bloody good at it - Hollywood should take note.

Congratulations to Terrence Malick on winning the Palme D'Or - which, like all good art, has split critics down the middle (no bad thing there then...).

Monday, May 16, 2011

The God-like genius that is...

Jonathan Richman is 60 today - can it really be?

Well, it really be so we at Twat Bubble Towers - although no Peel Acres I grant you - feel that the least that can be done is:

1. A picture
2. A record
2. A salutation

Happy birthday, Jonathan.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Rush are playing tomorrow night at the SECC in Glasgow and....hey, wait a minute....RUSH?

Yes, Rush. Rush. Rush.


What the hell...?

Well, this writer believes - after having been a lapsed, recovering, in-the-closet Rush fan for many (too many) years - that it's about time Rush received something like their due. Forty years in the business. Over twenty albums. Never part of any scene. Demonised, trivialised, marginalised...

And yet, Rush ENDURE. They're still going strong, despite their many trials and tribulations, stronger than ever in fact - still selling records, still selling out theatres and stadiums all around the world, continuing to influence bands as diverse as Nine Inch Nails, Tool and Primus amongst many, many others.

If you get the chance, go and see them. Tomorrow night, would be a start (however, it's unlikely there'll be any tickets left)....bloody Rush.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

as we, advancing in the sun sing "Death to all and everyone."

In, 'Let England Shake,' Polly Jean Harvey has recorded her defining album. It's a great record full of memorable music and unforgettable lyricism. What separates it from all other releases, however, is the bitter sweet bitter embracing extent of its subject matter - ostensibly war, specifically the First World War. The album delivers a unique, and uniquely compelling, female perspective on those most generous of killing fields; an uplifting and extraordinary balance between raging invective, staring disbelief, communal gentleness in brutality and matter of factness reportage -

On Battleship Hill's caved in trenches,
a hateful feeling still lingers,
even now, 80 years later.
Cruel nature.
Cruel, cruel nature.

Above all, a helplessness but equally resounding hopefulness explodes from these grooves. It is PJ's magnum opus.