Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We All Hail West Texas (We All Hail...)

John Darnielle has been recording music for over 20 years - and nobody ever told him.  Gloriously lo-fi, Darnielle's music has much in common with fellow long-term barbists Bob Pollard and Mark Davies in that it gloriously grates against much of today's over-produced hype-shite.

Merge Records have recently reissued The Mountain Goats magnificent 'All Hail West Texas,' surely 2002's 18th best LP.  Full of songs about love and death, hospitalisation and the fatalistic attractions of hot metal music, it's an album to hold to your heart and, secretly, to your pants.  

And, to not, to never, let go..

Touring - Glasgow at The Arches on the 10th of October.  You should go.