Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Want to know?

The year 2000 was a special year for comedy from the BBC. Two of the finest comedies ever produced by the corporation were shown - both starred and were written by Rob Brydon. Human Remains, written by Brydon and Julia Davis; of Nighty Night and Jam fame, is one of the darkest and most quietly subversive pieces of television ever broadcast. Davis and Brydon forge a unique partnership - there is an almost symbiotic relationship between them - as further witnessed in the extras accompanying the DVD release. In turns, viscerally funny and achingly poignant, Human Remains is matched only by Brydon's other comic masterpiece - Marian and Geoff. Written by Brydon and Hugo Blick, it is difficult to imagine any other show since attempting and achieving successfully the same levels of tragi-comic brilliance. In the intervening ten years nothing has come close to their genius - Amazon has all three DVD's available at a ridiculously low price - enrich your life and enjoy them now.

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