Friday, June 26, 2009

Thanks, Michael...

"Don't stop til you get enough." Michael Jackson has been a part of all of our musical lives for the past 40 years and it was with tremendous sadness that news of his untimely passing was received last night. Michael's was a unique talent. With his brothers he conquered the world, the Jackson 5 achieving an unprecedented four number one hits in the US with their first four recordings. In 1979, 'Off the wall' was released - a genre defining album and a great artistic and commercial success with two massive number one records in 'Rock with you,' and 'Don't stop 'til you get enough.' Three years later, Michael repeated this success all over again. 'Thriller' was released to unanimous critical and commercial acclaim eventually becoming the most successful album release of all time - a feat that will never be surpassed. Michael achieved much in the years that followed but he never achieved the same level of artistic or commercial success again. But he continued to give musical meaning to many many peoples lives all over the world and the happiness he brought to countless numbers of fans cannot and should not be underestimated. The world, and especially the world of music, is poorer on his passing.

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