Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Expose thyself to feel what wretches feel...

One of the great films of the 1950's was John Sturges' 'Bad Day at Black Rock.' The cast was one of the finest assembled; featuring new and old Hollywood at its reconfigured best. This reconfiguration included a young Anne Francis - who would later excel in other such '50's movie classics as, 'Blackboard Jungle,' and, 'Forbidden Planet.'

Arnold Laven's 'The Rack,' remains her best film. An underrated piece about an ignored war, (Korea) the film includes early (ish) performances by Paul Newman, Lee Marvin and Cloris Leachman. As war movies go, it excels in creating a sense of Manchurian Candidate like tension amidst a backdrop of confused loyalties and disrupted lives.

It's great, and like all of Anne Francis's movies, eminently watchable.

'The Hired Gun'
Interview for tcm

Pete Postlethwaite was, without any doubt, one of Britain's finest actors of his generation.

Every film he was in was in some sense, a Pete Postlethwaite film; his presence on screen was immense, irrespective of the nature of the role he played, and the time, long or short, he spent on screen playing it. To say he was a master of his craft would be an understatement.

Although he made many films his early performance in Terence Davies' harrowing and magnificent, 'Distant Voices, Still Lives,' remains definitive - especially so in demonstrating the full reign of his incredible talents.

'The Age of Stupid'
'Brassed off'

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