Monday, November 9, 2009

Thank God, we've got it...

It's easy to overpraise Yo La Tengo. They, and almost only they, hold a uniquely diametrical place in today's increasingly homogenised music world. Jarvis Cocker once said of John Peel that he, "..stood up for the 'sore thumbs' of the music scene." And no-one defines sore thumbdom as unequivocally as YLT. Their Glasgow show of last friday demonstrated once again their extraordinary ability to reduce even the most hardened observer to tears; the most cynical commentator to cheers. Real cheers. Real tears. In their 25th year of making music they continue to plough the most fertile of musical furrows, their collective imagination undimmed, the seemingly limitless depth of their music making talent undiminished.

'Mr Tough'

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